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Ephesus L3 (red)
Ephesus L3 Folded (Red)
Ephesus L3
Ultra light electric wheelchair.
  • Only 30 lbs.
  • Airline-Approved
  • Compact
Regular price $1198 Sale price$988
Weight Capacity Drive range Top speed Foldable Weight Reclining
Up to 220 lbs. 10 miles 3.70 mph Yes 30 lbs No
Weight Capacity Up to 220 lbs.
Drive range 10 miles
Top speed 3.70 mph
Foldable Yes
Weight 30 lbs
Reclining No
Ephesus E5 Folding Electric Wheelchair
Ephesus E5 Foldable Electric Wheelchair
Ephesus E5
Up to 12 miles per charge, multiple seating options, and choice of colors.
  • 18” - 22” seat available
  • 12 miles range
  • Remote Control
Regular price $2299 Sale pricefrom $1,799
Weight Capacity Drive range Top speed Foldable Weight Reclining
Up to 400 lbs. 12 miles 3.70 mph Yes 55 lbs No
Weight Capacity Up to 400 lbs.
Drive range 12 miles
Top speed 3.70 mph
Foldable Yes
Weight 55 lbs
Reclining No
Ephesus E9 Jet Black Folding Electric Wheelchair
Ephesus E9 Foldable Electric Wheelchair for Adults and Elderly
Ephesus E9
Reclining backrest, long range and detachable batteries for maximum comfort
  • 20” seat available
  • 15.5 miles range
  • All-terrain
Regular price $2899 Sale price$2399
Weight Capacity Drive range Top speed Foldable Weight Reclining
Up to 365 lbs. 15.5 miles 3.70 mph Yes 62 Ibs Yes
Weight Capacity Up to 365 lbs.
Drive range 15.5 miles
Top speed 3.70 mph
Foldable Yes
Weight 62 Ibs
Reclining Yes
Ephesus X3 Folding Electric Wheelchair (Red)
Ephesus X3
Economical model for day to day use
  • Easy To Use
  • Airline-Approved
  • Compact
Regular price $1199 Sale price$999
Weight Capacity Drive range Top speed Foldable Weight Reclining
Up to 265 lbs. 13 miles 3.70 mph Yes 72 lbs No
Weight Capacity Up to 265 lbs.
Drive range 13 miles
Top speed 3.70 mph
Foldable Yes
Weight 72 lbs
Reclining No
Ephesus E7 Folding Electric Wheelchair (Silver)
Ephesus E7 Foldable Electric Wheelchair (Silver
Ephesus E7
Reclining and comfortable electric wheelchiar
  • Reclining bacrest
  • Removable Footrest
  • All-terrain
Regular price $1999 Sale price$1899
Weight Capacity Drive range Top speed Foldable Weight Reclining
Up to 300 lbs 12 miles 3.70 mph Yes 60 lbs Yes
Weight Capacity Up to 300 lbs
Drive range 12 miles
Top speed 3.70 mph
Foldable Yes
Weight 60 lbs
Reclining Yes

How To Use an Electric Wheelchair? What is it Different From a Traditional Wheelchair?

An electric wheelchair offers users more mobility and freedom when it comes to getting around, with a motorized function that allows the person in the wheelchair to easily navigate without having to push themselves. This is a great solution for those who are wanting to move around freely without the hassle of having to push themselves, this is especially beneficial to older generations who may not have the arm strength to push themselves around. With electric motorized wheelchairs becoming more common and more easily accessible, this is definitely the way of the future! One of the main differences between a traditional wheelchair and an electric wheelchair for adults is the functioning of the device itself, with electric models being easier to work as they require no physical effort from the user or anyone else! 

How Far Can You Go With The Electric Wheelchair at Full Charge?

Once the motorized wheelchair has been fully charged, it is able to travel for around 15.5 miles before the battery will run flat. Another great thing about Ephesus motorized wheelchairs is that these batteries can be removed from the wheelchair and easily plugged into charging points in your home! Charging them overnight would then ensure that the battery is fully charged and ready for a day of travel! The Ephesus electric wheelchair chargers are also able to charge other devices as they actually have a USB port located within them, making it easy to plug in and charge things like cell phones. 

Is The Electric Wheelchair Lightweight? Is it Easily Portable?

The Ephesus motorized wheelchair models are one of the lightest models on the market today! These lightweight electric wheelchairs are extremely easy to transport and removing the batteries makes them even lighter! While these wheelchairs are easily transported, we do not recommend trying to carry one on your own and a team lift will ensure that the wheelchair and those lifting it are not hurt! Having a portable electric wheelchair that is easily foldable makes traveling with it that much easier and more convenient! 

How Fast Can You Get on Average With an Electric Wheelchair?

The motorized wheelchairs produced by Ephesus can travel up to 5 miles per hour thanks to the 500 W motor. This speed ensures that wheelchair users will be able to easily keep up with those who may be walking alongside him/her, as this speed is a bit faster than an average person's walking speed! Not having to rely on your own arm strength or those around you to push and navigate the wheelchair offers you a sense of freedom, whereby you can rely on the chair itself to get you from place to place quickly and safely. 

What Should You Pay Attention to When Choosing a Wheelchair According to Your Body Weight?

Electric wheelchairs have certain weight limits that you would have to consider when looking for the most suitable model. While motorized wheelchairs are capable of withstanding a large amount of weight, it is important that not too much weight be placed on the device as this may impact the overall function and speed of the wheelchair. When deciding on a wheelchair according to your body weight, it is important to think about long-term accessibility, particularly if you are looking at a device for children. 

What Are The Benefits of Electric Wheelchairs?

There are many benefits to owning and using a motorized wheelchair as this device offers its users the mobility and freedom that they would not have had with more traditional models. With the chance to enjoy a better quality of life, these wheelchairs are extremely beneficial! The following are just a few of the most important benefits to consider if you are thinking about getting an electric wheelchair! 

  • Mobility: Traditional wheelchairs may not provide the sense of freedom and give the user the most mobility, but motorized wheelchairs ensure that the wheelchair user is able to travel and do things that they may have struggled with before. Not having to rely on others offers the wheelchair user a sense of independence that they may not have had before 

  • Decreased Discomfort: One of the most beneficial things about a motorized wheelchair is that they are known to be much more comfortable than traditional models! With a comfortable and supportive seat that is padded, the wheelchair user will no longer have to worry about the discomfort that may come from being seated for long periods of time. 

  • More Freedom: As motorized wheelchairs provide more mobility to users, they also provide more freedom and the chance for the wheelchair user to do more! Just the simple act of being able to easily maneuver the wheelchair uphill can provide a better quality of life and allow the wheelchair owner to participate in more activities! Not having to rely on someone else pushing the chair or your abilities to push it can help to ensure that you have access to more activities! Folding electric wheelchairs also ensure that the chair itself can be moved around, ensuring that it is easily transported. 

Can You Get on The Plane With The Electric Wheelchair?

Yes, you are able to travel with your electric wheelchair on flights as it has been certified for this. In terms of the paperwork that is needed, you are not required to receive any documentation from us but you will need to phone the airline you are traveling with for approval. They may provide you with a slip that can then be used on flights in the future, making traveling easy! 

Why Should You Choose Ephesus Electric Wheelchairs?

One of the benefits of having a more traditional wheelchair was that it was easier to travel with, being more lightweight than electric models and also foldable. Ephesus has come up with electric wheelchair models that combine the benefits of traditional models with electric ones, making lightweight and foldable electric wheelchairs! With reliable models of light electric wheelchair wights offered, it is easy to travel with Ephesus electric wheelchairs and they make for some of the best wheelchairs around! Along with this, they also come with handy electric wheelchair accessories, like charging points and cup holders, to offer you all the comfort you would need to enjoy a day out! 

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