One of the fastest growing Mobility Scooter and Wheelchair Companies in the Industry.

Who We Are?
We have signifcant experiences in the Health industry, and recently we started to shift our focus solely to Mobility Devices. With our mobility scooters such Ephesus S5, and Ephesus M6 we are determined to provide comfort, freedom, and ease to our customers. 
Mission Statement

"We are firmly focused on quality and are committed to providing safe, technologically advanced, ergomic, and fun products to our customers around the world."

Our Products

We require our products to pass higly known tests and certicates. All of our products are FDA Approved, and passed specific transportation, battery, and safety tests. 

Marketplaces That We Serve
We sell our products all over the globe including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and United Arab Emirates.