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Ephesus S5 Folding Mobility Scooter (Black)
Ephesus S5 Folding Mobility Scooter (Red)
Ephesus S5
Folding mobility scooter for adults.
  • Up to 12 mph
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Compact
from $1,199
Weight Capacity Drive range Top speed Foldable Weight Airline Approved
Up to 265 lbs. 15 miles 12 mph Yes 62 lbs Yes
Weight Capacity Up to 265 lbs.
Drive range 15 miles
Top speed 12 mph
Foldable Yes
Weight 62 lbs
Airline Approved Yes
Ephesus S6 Jet Black Auto Folding Mobility Scooter
Ephesus S6 Remote Folding Mobility Scooter
Ephesus S6
Remote folding mobility scooter. All terrain with comfortable seat
  • Auto Folding
  • 15.5 miles range
  • All-terrain
Regular price $2699 Sale price$2399
Weight Capacity Drive range Top speed Foldable Weight Airline Approved
Up to 265 lbs. 15.5 miles 3.70 mph Yes 68 lbs Yes
Weight Capacity Up to 265 lbs.
Drive range 15.5 miles
Top speed 3.70 mph
Foldable Yes
Weight 68 lbs
Airline Approved Yes
Ephesus S5 Wide
Upgraded Ephesus S5 seat. Long range, maximum comfort.
  • Wider seat
  • 15 miles range
  • Removable Seat
Regular price $1399 Sale pricefrom $1,299
Weight Capacity Drive range Top speed Foldable Weight Airline Approved
Up to 265 lbs 15 miles 3.70 mph Yes 62 lbs Yes
Weight Capacity Up to 265 lbs
Drive range 15 miles
Top speed 3.70 mph
Foldable Yes
Weight 62 lbs
Airline Approved Yes

How To Use a Mobility Scooter?

Mobility scooters are an amazing way for those with disabilities or those who are unable to walk to get around! Mobility scooters offer those who are unable to walk or are perhaps unable to walk long distances, the ability to travel and do things for themselves. The simple act of going to the grocery store by yourself and being able to take care of your own personal needs can easily be done with these devices. Mobility scooters are extremely easy to use and have a number of different functions that have been designed to ensure that they will be able to travel long distances safely! 

Are The Seats on Electric Scooters Comfortable?

One of the benefits of using a mobility scooter is that these devices are extremely comfortable! While other kinds of scooters may have hardened seats with no back support, the products produced here at Ephesus have ensured that the comfort of the user comes first. With solid back support and comfortable padding along the seat itself, you can be sure that every trip you take on your mobility scooter will be comfortable. 

What Are The Average Weights That A Mobility Scooter Can Withstand?

The general maximum weight allowance on a standard mobility scooter is around 250 to 350 pounds. This may differ between devices, so it is best to look at scooters within your own weight category. Looking at the weight allowances of each of the devices you are considering is extremely important, as a weight being placed on the scooter outside of this range can impact the overall functioning of the device. A mobility scooter for adults will have a set guideline on the weights allowed, so be sure to remember this if you are adding any extra weight onto the device! 

How Far Can You Go With The Mobility Scooter at Full Charge?

When the mobility scooter is fully charged it is able to travel for about 15.5 miles. This is a lengthy time frame in which a person using this device would be mobile and generally, you are more than likely not going to travel for more than 15.5 miles on your scooter per day. For those who plan to travel for a longer distance than this, you can carry spare batteries with you that can then be quickly replaced! 

Is a Mobility Scooters Battery Replaceable?

Yes, one of the great things about the mobility scooters produced by us here at Ephesus is that we have made the batteries replaceable. This is unique and beneficial for a number of different reasons. The first is that this makes it a lot easier to charge the batteries as they do not have to be attached to the scooter. They can simply be removed and charged at an accessible plug point, without having to move the scooter as well. Another beneficial thing about the removable mobility scooter battery is that you can replace it if it breaks or is not charging properly. If the battery was not removable, it would mean that to replace the battery the device would have to be taken in and fixed. 

What is The Average Speed of a Mobility Scooter?

While on your mobility scooter, you can adjust the speed to your liking, though the highest speed that you can travel is around 4 miles per hour. This is an average walking pace, ensuring that you would be able to easily keep up with those around you, without them having to wait or walk slower. One of the great things about a mobility scooter is that you can adjust your speed using the handlebars, making it easy to speed up or slow down, depending on if you are on the scooter alongside someone or traveling on your own. A compact mobility scooter is light in weight which ensures that it can travel at 4 miles per hour, though if you are carrying a heavier load this may impact the speed a bit. To buy mobility scooters that have been designed for easy use, look no further than the devices produced right here at  Ephesus! 

Is The Mobility Scooter Lightweight? Is it Easily Foldable and Portable?

Yes, one of the great features associated with Ephesus lightweight mobility scooters is that they are light in weight and can be folded to make it easy to transport these devices. Having a lightweight foldable mobility scooter makes it far easier to travel with this device as you can quickly pack it away in a car or even take it along if you are traveling by plane! There are also a number of mobility scooter accessories that can be added and removed when necessary, ensuring that traveling with the scooter is as painless and easy as possible! 

Can You Take a Mobility Scooter on a Plane?

Yes, you can take your electric mobility scooter on a plane, all that you will need to do is ensure that the batteries are completely removed from the device. You may be allowed to take the scooter on as special hand luggage or it can be loaded on the plane like standard suitcases. As these are FDA-approved devices, you do not need to have permission directly from us but you should ensure that you call the airline ahead of time! They will provide you with a slip approving the transportation of your mobility scooter. 

Get Your Mobility Scooter Now With Ephesus Warranty!

The electric scooters provided by us here at Ephesus are under a three-year warranty to ensure that your device will be long lasting and that any issues that occur within a set time frame can be taken care of. Different mobility scooter parts have different lengths of warranty, with the frame of the scooter under a warranty for three years! The motors, controllers and CPU systems are under warranty for one year after purchase, the mobility scooter battery for six months and worn parts for three months. These timeframes have each been determined to ensure that if anything is wrong with the device after you have purchased it, you are able to get it fixed without it costing you a cent! 

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