Ephesus S6 Jet Black Auto Folding Mobility Scooter
Ephesus S6 Remote Folding Mobility Scooter
Ephesus S6 Portable Mobility Scooters for Adults and Elderly
Ephesus S6 Wide Seat Mobility Scooter
Ephesus S6 Mobility Scooter With LCD Display Screen
Ephesus S6 Mobility Scooter With Removable Lithium Batteries
Ephesus S6 Red Auto Folding Mobility Scooter
Ephesus S6 Remote Folding Mobility Scooter
Ephesus S6 Portable Mobility Scooters for Adults and Elderly
Ephesus S6 Wide Seat Mobility Scooter
Ephesus S6 Mobility Scooter With Removable Lithium Batteries
Ephesus S6 - Auto Folding Mobility Scooter

Ephesus S6

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Is there anything worse than feeling like you cannot do the activities you want due to mobility issues? The S6 auto folding mobility scooter is a fantastic option for those who suffer from mobility issues and can give the freedom and independence that may not be possible without it!  It is able to hold weights of up to 265 pounds, offering a great alternative to walking for those who may be overweight and struggling with their ability to move around.

Brand Name: Ephesus

Model: S6

Battery: Two 24V 6ah Lithium-Ion

Speed: 4 mph (adjustable)

Three Folding Modes: Remote, Manual, Switch

Folded Dimensions (LxWxH): 15.7" x 19.7" x 29.1"

Unfolded Dimensions (LxWxH): 39.4" x 19.7" x 37.8"

Weight (Including Batteries): 67.5 lbs

Front Tires: 6.5" PU Solid Wheels

Rear Tires: 7.5" PU Solid Wheels

Climbing Slope: 

Turning Radius: 31.5"

Ground Clearance (lowest part to ground): 4.25"

Seat Clearance (seat to footrest): 14"

Seat Clearance (seat to ground): 21"

Driving Range: 15.5 Miles

Motor: 250W x 2

Charging Time: 6-8 Hours

Airplane Approved: Yes 

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Top Speed



68 lbs


15.5 Miles


265 lbs

What Are The Highlights of The S6?

This mobility scooter is able to reach speeds of up to 4 miles per hour, ensuring that the person on the scooter is able to keep up with those who may be walking alongside them. The actual device itself is able to fold and contract, making the 68-pound scooter easier to both travel with and store when not being used. All in all, the S6 auto folding mobility scooter would be an ideal option for a number of different people who struggle with mobility.

Auto Folding Mobility Scooter, Remote Folding, Manual

What Can You See On The S6's LCD Display?

This auto fold mobility scooter has a unique LCD display panel that is able to show speed, range, temperature, and total mileage. This is a very unique feature that not many other mobility scooters are equipped with! This can help the user to examine when they need to change batteries and ensure that they are not left unsure of how much mileage they have done and how far they can go without needing to change or charge the batteries. Along with this informative LCD display panel, this lightweight folding mobility scooter works with a key to ensure that it cannot be stolen!

LCD Display Mobility Scooter

What Makes The Removable Batteries of The S6 Unique?

In order to ensure that the S6 auto folding mobility scooter is both easy to charge and to transport, the batteries are removable. Having a folding mobility scooter with removable batteries ensures that when charging, you can simply unplug the batteries from the scooter and plug them into a charging device. This means that the chair does not have to be moved when this is done! Along with ease and convenience, when traveling by plane, many airlines require the batteries on these devices to be removed. This ensures that your mobility scooter can be used even when you travel! Having a folding mobility scooter with a removable battery further increases the number of places that this device can travel, helping users to live a fuller and more independent life.

Removable Lithium Battery Mobility Scooter

Is S6 One of The Longest-Range Mobility Scooters on The Market?

Yes, the S6 auto folding mobility scooter has one of the longest ranges on the market today, being able to travel for up to 15.5 miles before the battery will need to be charged. This is extremely beneficial for those who are hoping to use their mobility scooters to travel long distances! Be it a trip to the local grocery store or a day spent at an amusement park, you can be sure that the S6 auto-folding mobility scooter has a range that will keep you going all day long! To put the numbers in your perspective let's provide some statistics.

  • An average person walks 1.5 to 2 miles a day.
  • An average a person walks 7.5 miles to 10 miles at a theme park.
  • An average distance from your house to the largest supermarket chains is 4 to 5 miles.
  • 62 laps on an average football field equals 15.5 miles.
  • An airport with the longest walk distance in the USA is Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, and it has 2.16 miles walkable distance.

Long Range Mobility Scooter
Mobility Scooter for Adults and Elderly

Is It Easy To Fold And Unfold The S6 Mobility Scooter?

Yes, one of the major benefits of using the S6 auto folding mobility scooter is that it folds and unfolds easily, ensuring that when traveling or even storing the device, you will be able to quickly fold it up and make it as compact as possible. This is another unique quality of the S6 auto folding mobility scooter, as many other scooters are unable to do this, making it incredibly hard to travel or store them.
The S6 auto folding mobility scooter has three different options when it comes to folding and they are; remote, manual and switch folding! Having an auto-fold mobility scooter makes it easier and quicker to fold and unfold this device, particularly if the person using the scooter does not have anyone to help them do this. This mobility scooter has an adjustable handlebar as well, ensuring ease of convenience when storing it.

Adjustable Handlebar Comfortable Mobility Scooter

Can I carry personal belongings on my scooter?

We offer a front basket that you may purchase separately. It is super easy to set up, and it looks stylish.

Mobility Scooter with Front Basket
Airline Approved Mobility Scooter, TSA Approved Mobility Scooter

TSA Approved

Is Ephesus S6 Airline Approved?

Yes, two 24V 6AH lithium batteries are TSA-approved. You can bring the scooter on a plane with you, or you can just leave it at the baggage claiming area. This is where the removal batteries come in handy.

What Are Some Of The Safety Features of The S6 Mobility Scooter?

One of the most important safety features included on the S6 auto folding mobility scooter is the inclusion of an electromagnetic brake. This braking system ensures that when hands are taken off of the handlebars, the scooter will come to an immediate stop. Having a mobility scooter with an electromagnetic brake is far safer, and allows the user to safely climb inclines without fear of the device falling over. This break is designed to ensure that the scooter does not tilt or accelerate when on a steep road, keeping the user safe! Along with this, this is a mobility scooter with anti-tilt wheels, to further protect the person on the scooter.

500W Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter
All Terrain Mobility Scooter

What is an electromagnetic brake?

It is an automatic braking mechanism that brakes when you take your hands off the handlebar. This prevents you from tilting back or unsafely accelerating on a steep road.

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I believe that Ephesus S6 will greatly benefit people who need a mobility device.

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"Durable material combined with a phenonmaul engineering"

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It takes around 6-8 hours to fully charge Ephesus S6.

Ephesus S6 mobility scooter is currently $2,399. We have a discount on the website. No sales tax, free shipping, and no hidden fees at checkout.

Wheels are solid puncture free. They are not inflatable. No hesitation for wheels going flat.

Front Tires: 6.5" PU Solid Wheels

Rear Tires: 7.5" PU Solid Wheels

We have 30-Day Free Return Policy, which means that after you receive the mobility scooter, you have 30 days to return the scooter for a refund. Here is our return policy

This mobility scooter is only 67.5 lbs. It is really lightweight in its class. However, we recommend a team lift since on a grand scheme of things it is still heavy to lift.

This mobility scooter does not require assembly. Upon receiving the package, attach the batteries when the scooter is in the folding position. Then, turn the keys and unfold. Yes, it is that simple.

You do not need paperwork from us. Before you visit the airport, please call airport customer service, and they should provide you with a slip that you may use on every flight. 

The lightweight mobility scooter weighs 67.5 lbs including the battery and 54 lbs without the battery. 

Yes, this foldable mobility scooter is FDA approved. 

This lightweight electric folding mobility scooter with two lithium batteries has 15.5 miles range, and road conditions may affect the range.

Yes, you may use the S6 in an indoor setting, please double check the width of the scooter and make sure it comfortably fits your hallway, door frame etc.

Chair Frame: 3 years

Motors: 1-year

Controller and CPU system: 1-year

Battery: 6 months

Wear parts: 3 months

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