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An E9 electric wheelchair is a great option for just about any person with mobility issues looking for a device to help them gain the freedom to move around freely! The Ephesus E9 folding electric wheelchair is an incredible device and can be used by those with mobility issues, giving them the freedom to function more normally and independently! One of the main benefits of the E9 folding electric wheelchair is that it is able to be easily made into a compact piece of equipment that will be easy to transport.

Brand Name: Ephesus

Model: E9

Battery: Two 24V 6ah Lithium-Ion

Speed: 4 mph (adjustable)

Folded Dimensions (LxWxH): 25.2" x 14.2" x 30.3"

Unfolded Dimensions (LxWxH): 39.4" x 25.2" x 37.8"

Weight (Including Batteries): 67.5 lbs

Front Tires: 7" PU Solid Wheels

Rear Tires:12.5" PU Solid Wheels

Climbing Slope: 

Driving Range: 15.5 Miles

Motor:250W x 2

Charging Time: 6-8 Hours

Airplane Approved: Yes 

Reclining Backrest: Yes

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Top Speed



68 lbs


15.5 Miles


365 lbs

What Are The Highlights of The Ephesus E9?

This wheelchair folds in on itself, making it easier to store and transport when a person is not using it. This foldability feature is incredibly unique, as there are not many devices on the market today that is capable of doing this! Another handy feature of this device is the fact that the batteries are removable, ensuring that when needed, you can simply swap out batteries that are low on power for a new set! This device is extremely easy to control, allowing for the user to navigate easily and comfortably, thanks to the 360-degree universal control function joystick on the wheelchair.

Foldable Motorized Wheelchair

Is The E9 Electric Wheelchair Easy to Use?

Yes, one of the benefits of the E9 folding electric wheelchair is that it is incredibly easy to use, with the device having a joystick that makes it easy to maneuver the chair! The joystick has a 360-degree universal control function, making it simple to transition from standard wheelchairs to this device. The different features have been developed to ensure that accuracy in the direction and speed you are going is guaranteed! The controls of the E9 folding electric wheelchair come with a speed indicator light to show the user exactly how fast they are going and whether they can speed up or slow down the chair. This is not only great for the wheelchair user but it also ensures safety! This lightweight electric wheelchair with joystick functions makes it easy for just about anyone to use this device.

Ephesus E9 Joystick

Why you should make sure your wheelchair has removable batteries?

You were able to save space by folding the wheelchair. That's not enough, though. By taking the battery out of the wheelchair, you can charge it without the wheelchair. You may easily charge the batteries in your living room, so you don't even have to move the wheelchair. Fun fact: the battery has a USB port where you can plug the cable to charge your phone.

Ephesus E9 Removal Battery Electric Wheelchair

You Will Be Surprised To Learn The Range of E9!

The E9 folding electric wheelchair has a range of up to 15.5 miles, offering users the opportunity to travel for longer distances before needing to change or recharge the battery. We here at Ephesus have also ensured that this is an electric wheelchair with removable batteries, meaning that you can purchase and keep an extra battery on hand for when the chair runs out of power! For a long-range to suit your needs, look no further than the E9 wheelchair!
To put the numbers in your perspective let's provide some statistics.

  • An average person walks 1.5 to 2 miles a day.
  • An average a person walks 7.5 miles to 10 miles at a theme park.
  • An average distance from your house to the largest supermarket chains is 4 to 5 miles.
  • 62 laps on an average football field equals 15.5 miles.
  • An airport with the longest walk distance in the USA is Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, and it has 2.16 miles walkable distance.

Ephesus E9 Long Range 15 Miles Electric Wheelchair
Ephesus E9 Electric Wheelchair

Why Should You Choose a Foldable E9 Electric Wheelchair?

With a range of up to 15.5 miles and the option to replace batteries when their power runs out, you are not inhibited by the battery when it comes to long distances! A range of 15.5 miles can ensure that you are able to use the wheelchair for just about anything, whether it's as simple as going to the shops or even when it's going to something like a theme park! 15.5 miles equates to 62 laps around the average football field, ensuring longevity and the ability to travel for far distances! Along with this range, this is an airline-approved electric wheelchair, meaning that you are able to take it with you wherever you may be going!

Ephesus E9 Reclining Electric Wheelchair with Head Support

How wide is the seat?

Width of the seating area is 19" which is larger than standard wheelchairs. You may also increase the seating area width up to 22" by purchasing a "widening kit" from us.

Ephesus E9 Large Width Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair
Ephesus E9 Airline Approved, TSA Approved Electric Wheelchair

Is Ephesus E9 airline approved?

Yes, two 24V 6AH lithium batteries are TSA-approved. You can bring the wheelchair on a plane with you, or you can just leave it at the airport where you drop off your bags.

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Is The Motor of The E9 Electric Wheelchair Powerful?

Yes, this reclining electric wheelchair has been fitted with a 500 W motor. One of the things to consider when looking for an electric wheelchair is that you need to be sure that the device is powerful enough to drive and use in all conditions. A brushless motor is one of the best motors to use when it comes to ensuring a safe and comfortable driving experience. The brushless motor ensures a seamless and smooth drive, particularly when it comes to accelerating and braking. The E9 electric wheelchair is one of the safest devices on the market thanks to this inclusion!

Ephesus E9 500W Brushless Motor Electric Wheelchair
Ephesus E9 All Terrain Electric Wheelchair

Built for Safety

Electromagnetic brakes are essential when going incline or decline. When you release the throttle controller, the brakes engage automatically. This prevents from tipping over. A seat belt is also included in the package.

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I believe that Ephesus E9 will greatly benefit people who need a mobility device.

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"Durable material combined with a phenonmaul engineering"

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It takes around 6-8 hours to fully charge this wheelchair.

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Wheels are solid puncture free. They are not inflatable. No hesitation for wheels going flat.

7" PU Solid Wheels
12.5" PU Solid Wheels

We have 30-Day Free Return Policy, which means that after you receive the electric wheelchair, you have 30 days to return the wheelchair at no cost. After the first 30 days, we do not accept returns for a refund. Please contact us if you need more information. 

This electric wheelchair is only 67.5 lbs. It is really lightweight in its class. However, we recommend a team lift since on a grand scheme of things it is still heavy to lift.

This electric motorized wheelchair does not require assembly, you just need to plug in the joystick. No additional assembly is required, a person can ride the wheelchair within the first minutes of the package being opened. 

You do not need paperwork from us. Before you visit the airport, please call airport customer service, and they should provide you with a slip that you may use on every flight. 

Lightweight powered wheelchair weighs 67.5 lbs including the battery and 54 lbs without the battery. 

Yes, this foldable electric wheelchair is FDA approved. 

This lightweight electric folding wheelchair with two lithium batteries has 15.5 miles range, and road conditions may affect the range.

Yes you may use the folding power wheelchair in indoor setting, please double check the width of the wheelchair and make sure it comfortably fits your hallway, door frame etc.

Chair Frame: 3 years

Motors: 1-year

Controller and CPU system: 1-year

Battery: 6 months

Wear parts: 3 months

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