Ephesus X3 Folding Electric Wheelchair (Red)
Ephesus X3 - Folding Electric Wheelchair
Ephesus X3 Foldable Electric Wheelchair, Motorized Wheelchair for Adults and Seniors
Ephesus X3 Electric Wheelchair Joystick
Ephesus X3 High Performance, Long Range, Electric Wheelchair 500W
Ephesus X3 Dimension Chart, Lightweight Motorized Wheelchair
Ephesus X3 Reach For More Electric Wheelchair
Ephesus X3 Electric Wheelchair World Within Reach
Ephesus X3 Folding Electric Wheelchair (Blue)
Ephesus X3 - Folding Electric Wheelchair
Ephesus X3 Folding Electric Wheelchair (Black)
Ephesus X3 - Folding Electric Wheelchair

Ephesus X3

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The X3 electric wheelchair is a unique option to help those who struggle with mobility move around easily, while also offering lightness and foldability, which is not seen on many electric devices. The lightness and foldability of the chair ensure that the user is able to easily travel with it or even store it away when not being used. Long gone are the days of bulky and immovable wheelchairs thanks to the Ephesus X3 folding electric wheelchair! 

Brand Name:Ephesus


Battery: 20V 12ah Lithium-Ion

Speed:5 mph

Folded Dimensions (LxWxH):30” X 16” X 29”

Unfolded Dimensions (LxWxH): 30” x 27.5” x 37”

Weight (Including Battery): 72 lbs

Front Tires:8” Solid

Rear Tires:16” Inflatable

Climbing Slope: 15°

Driving Range:13+ Miles

Motor:250W x 2

Charging Time:5-8 Hours

Keys Required: No

Airplane Approved: Yes 

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What Are The Specs of The X3 Electric Wheelchair?

The X3 wheelchair has a width of 27.5 inches and a height of 27 inches when not folded. With a cushion width of 17.5 and the seating area measuring 18 inches, you can be sure that comfort is taken into account! One of the great things about the Ephesus X3 folding electric wheelchair is that it can be folded and made smaller for transport when you are not using it. When folded, this wheelchair measures 29 inches in height, 30 inches in length and 16 inches in width. This is extremely useful for wheelchair users as one of the main drawbacks to other electric wheelchairs is that they are often unable to fold, which can make them extremely hard to use when traveling!

Powered and Motorized Electric Wheelchair
500 W Brush Motor Electric Wheelchair

What Are The Advantages of Having an X3 Foldable Electric Wheelchair?

The Ephesus X3 electric wheelchair is a long-range device and can travel for more than 13 miles on one set of batteries. This is an incredibly beneficial wheelchair for those looking to use their chair to travel with and go outdoors, as it ensures that it will remain powered for long periods. These electric wheelchairs also have the advantage of offering their users the chance to change batteries! If you purchase an extra battery from us here at Ephesus, you will be able to travel for even longer!

Is The Motor Power of The X3 Folding Electric Sufficient?

The X3 folding electric wheelchair is equipped with a 500 W motor and can easily travel at speeds of up to 5 mph! To ensure that your electric wheelchair is able to work effectively and be a long-lasting piece of equipment, high-torque DC brush motors are considered to be the best of the best. The X3 wheelchair is fitted with this kind of motor to ensure that it is not just highly functional but also long-lasting! When purchasing a device like this, you want to be certain that your money will go a long way and this kind of motor ensures this.

All terrain electric wheelchair
Folding Power Wheelchair

Is it Easy To Control The X3 With The Advanced Joystick?

The X3 lightweight electric wheelchair is fitted with an advanced joystick that is very easy to use! The joystick is designed to ensure that the person in the chair is able to move just by simply moving the stick in the direction they wish to go. This joystick has a 360-degree rotation, meaning that it offers the user the opportunity to go in any direction that they want. Along with a highly functional and easy-to-control joystick, the other features on this device are also very easy to control, with things like the horn, speed and indicator lights being powered on this panel.

Long-Range Electric Wheelchair That Outpaces The Competition: Ephesus X3

The X3 is a long-range electric wheelchair with easy control and a high-powered motor, making it one of the best on the market today! With a range of over 13 miles when fully charged and the option to swap out batteries when they get low on power, this device can help a person with mobility issues gain the freedom to move around easily! The X3 folding electric wheelchair is a great option for any person on the search for a great and highly functional device, be it for those with health issues or even for those who are old and are struggling to get around as they once did. For a great device, look no further than the X3 folding electric wheelchair from Ephesus!

Long Range Electric Wheelchair

Dimension Chart

Ephesus X3 Dimension Chart



Folding got easier as I started to use often

Los Angeles, CA

I lovvvve it! My mom is finally able go outside with my daugter.

Los Angeles, CA

That's what I have been looking for!!!

Kim T.
Los Angeles, CA

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It takes around 6-8 hours to fully charge this wheelchair scooter.

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We have 30-Day Free Return Policy, which means that after you receive the electric wheelchair, you have 30 days to return the wheelchair at no cost. After the first 30 days, we do not accept returns for a refund. Please contact us if you need more information. 

Although this electric wheelchair is lightweight in its class (75 lbs), we still recommend a team lift.

This electric motorized wheelchair does not require assembly, you just need to plug in the joystick and leg rests. No additional assembly is required, one person can ride the wheelchair within the first minutes of the package being opened. 

You do not need paperwork from us. Before you visit the airport, please call airport customer service, and they should provide you with a slip that you may use on every flight. 

Lightweight powered wheelchair weighs 75 lbs including the battery, and 66 lbs without the battery. 

Yes, this foldable wheelchair is FDA approved. 

This lightweight electric folding wheelchair with lithium battery has 13+ miles range, and depending on the surface and incline it may effect the range. 

Yes you may use the folding power wheelchair in indoor setting, please double check the width of the wheelchair and make sure it comfortably fits your hallway, door frame etc.

1-year warranty covers the spare parts, and 6-months for the battery. 

The front wheels are solid, so it's not inflatable. However, the rear wheels are inflatable.