Ephesus E7 Folding Electric Wheelchair (Silver)
Ephesus E7 Foldable Electric Wheelchair (Silver
Ephesus E7 Reclining Electric Wheelchair (Silver)
Ephesus E7 Motorized Wheelchair (Silver)
Ephesus E7 Joystick Controller
Ephesus E7 Folding Electric Wheelchair (Black)
Ephesus E7 Reclining Electric Wheelchair (Black)
Ephesus E7 Foldable Electric Wheelchair (Black)
Ephesus E7 Motorized Wheelchair (Black)
Ephesus E7 Folding Electric Wheelchair (Gold)
Ephesus E7 Foldable Electric Wheelchair (Gold)
Ephesus E7 Reclining Electric Wheelchair (Gold)
Ephesus E7 Motorized Wheelchair (Gold)

Ephesus E7

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Meet the Ephesus E7 electric wheelchair - the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and endurance. It's foldable, easy to store, and travel-friendly. The adjustable backrest gives you perfect comfort, and it can go up to 12 miles on a single charge. Plus, it's airline-approved and can handle any terrain. Explore more with the Ephesus E7 reclining electric wheelchair!

Brand Name: Ephesus

Model: E7

Battery: 24V 12ah Lithium-Ion

Speed: 3.7 mph (adjustable)

Folded Dimensions (LxWxH): 25.2" x 14.2" x 30.3"

Unfolded Dimensions (LxWxH): 39.4" x 25.2" x 37.8"

Weight (Including Batteries): 65 lbs

Front Tires: 8" PU Solid Wheels

Rear Tires: 12.5" PU Solid Wheels

Climbing Slope: 

Driving Range: 12 Miles

Motor:250W x 2

Charging Time: 6-8 Hours

Airplane Approved: Yes 

Reclining Backrest: Yes

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Top Speed

3.7 MPH


65 lbs


12 Miles


300 lbs

What makes the Ephesus E7 Reclining Electric Wheelchair stand out?

The E7 is all about comfort and convenience. With a backrest that adjusts to your liking, you can enjoy the ultimate comfort on the move. Plus, it's not just travel-friendly - it's travel-approved by both airlines and cruise ships. And when folded? It's as easy to handle as pulling a suitcase!

Ephesus E7 Roll Folding Electric Wheelchair

How does the reclining feature work?

It's quite simple - tucked under the armrest is a lever. By giving this a pull, you can easily change the angle of the backrest to suit your comfort.

Ephesus E7 Reclining Electric Wheelchair

How well does the E7 handle different terrains?

The E7 is truly an all-terrain champion. With two powerful 250W brushless motors, it can confidently navigate a variety of surfaces with ease.

Ephesus E7 2 x 250W 500W Bruhless Motor

Does the E7 offer long-distance travel?

Absolutely, the E7 stands out even if it's not our longest-range model. With a 12-mile reach on a single charge, it surpasses the industry average by a significant margin.

Ephesus E7 Long Range 12 Miles Electric Wheelchair
Ephesus E7 Carry Handle, Easy Folding, Reclining Backrest
Ephesus E7 Airline and Cruise Approved Electric Wheelchair

Can the Ephesus E7 be taken on flights?

Indeed, the E7's 24V 12ah lithium-ion battery has been approved for airline travel, so you can take it on your journeys without any hassle.

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1) Directly purchase from our website. Add to cart > Complete checkout.

2) Phone call.

3) Free financing through Klarna.

You may track your order by clicking on this text: Track Your Order. Order number and email are required in order to track your order.

We aim to ship the orders in 1-2 days, and depending on the location it takes 2-6 business days. Our free shipping refers to ground shipping. You may expedite the shipping on the checkout page. 

It takes around 6-8 hours to fully charge this wheelchair.

Front wheels are solid 8". Rear wheels are pneumatic 12".

We have 30-Day Free Return Policy, which means that after you receive the electric wheelchair, you have 30 days to return the wheelchair at no cost. After the first 30 days, we do not accept returns for a refund. Please contact us if you need more information. 

It comes fully assembled, you just need to attach the joystick. No assembly is needed.

You do not need paperwork from us. Before you visit the airport, please call airport customer service, and they should provide you with a slip that you may use on every flight. 

Lightweight powered wheelchair weighs 67.5 lbs including the battery and 54 lbs without the battery. 

Yes, this foldable electric wheelchair is FDA approved. 

This lightweight electric folding wheelchair with two lithium batteries has 12 miles range, and road conditions may affect the range.

Yes you may use the folding power wheelchair in indoor setting, please double check the width of the wheelchair and make sure it comfortably fits your hallway, door frame etc.

This wheelchair comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty covering spare parts. If parts like the wheels or joystick need replacing, we'll supply them at no additional charge, provided they're covered under warranty.

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