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Why Choose Ephesus S5 Foldable Mobility Scooters

Although both foldable mobility scooters and regular ones are manufactured for the handicapped people to travel, there are a lot of extra features that are added in the foldable mobility scooters. One of the major things that may urge you to consider a foldable mobility scooter is the ease of storing it when not in use. To store a regular scooter you have to get all its parts unassembled but in the foldable scooter, you just have to press some buttons and your scooter will be folded to cover minimum space.

Ephesus S5 mobility scooter

There are plenty of brands and manufacturers that supply foldable mobility scooters in the market but Ephesus S5 is considered as the choice of experts. There are many reasons that contribute to making it the best scooter ever. But here we will discuss some of the most useful and amazing features of the Ephesus S5 foldable mobility scooters. Its eye-catching features include:

 ● Storage

● Lightweight

● Long Range Page 3

● Easy Control

● Environmental Friendly


The best thing about Ephesus S5 is its ease of storage. Finding an appropriate space to store your mobility scooter has always been a great problem but thanks to the Ephesus S5 to introduce the best folding system. Not only in the storage terms but it is also proved as the best suitable scooter to travel through the narrow spaces. This is because of the fact that its wheels are installed close to each other.

Ephesus S5 load into trunk

Lightweight In Its Class:

The latest model of Ephesus S5 weighs just 62 lbs including all its detachable parts such as the battery. The four-wheel structure has increased the stability of the foldable mobility scooters and ensures a changing road surface. It can be said that the new 2020 model is a full-fledged package of amazing features and comfort.

Long Range:

This 4 wheel mobility scooter has a long-range of 25 miles at the fabulous speed of 12 miles per hour. Do keep this fact in mind that there are many factors that can affect this range such as vehicle configuration, load, heat, and wind speed.

Easy Control:

There are buttons for everything to do. To get perfect control, you have the option to set the speed at three different levels. The levels of the speed for this portable, mobility Page 4 scooters for adults are at 3.75 mph, 7.5 mph, and 12 mph. To provide a better experience, Ephesus S5 comes with a 7” adjustable handle.

Ephesus S5 handlebar

Environmental Friendly:

Advanced technologies are installed in this new model to ensure reliability, energy-saving, and the protection of the environment. When you will ride it you will notice that there is no sound or any type of smoke coming out from it.

Additional Features and Services:

● It has a horn, brake lights, and high-quality headlights.

● It has reverse gear which makes it stand above its competitors.

● It includes a seat for a child that can bear 65 lbs or weight.

● They offer a 30-day free return service and an amazing 1-year warranty on all its parts.

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