Protect Yourself! What Should Be Considered About Wheelchair Safety?

Protect Yourself! What Should Be Considered About Wheelchair Safety?

What is Wheelchair Safety? How To Ensure Wheelchair Safety For Patients?

As with any piece of technology, it is important that you fully understand how to use your wheelchair and abide by the safety measures suggested. Wheelchair safety is extremely important, both for ensuring that the product is as easy to use as possible and when it comes to using it safely.  One of the most important things that can be done to ensure wheelchair safety is to make sure that the patient has read and understood the wheelchair safety requirements and precautions outlined for each device. While there are general rules to follow for all kinds of devices, some may have unique functions that require certain actions. This is especially true when it comes to the use of electric wheelchairs! By reading the safety outlines and precautions and having a wheelchair provider explain the requirements, you can be sure that Wheelchair safety will be upheld! 

Is There a Difference in Electric Wheelchair Safety?

Yes, there are a few differences to note when it comes to using electric wheelchairs compared to standard wheelchairs. The following are a few safety notes to consider when you purchase an Ephesus electric wheelchair. 

  • One of the most important things to remember when thinking about using an electric wheelchair is that the wheelchair user needs to know how to use the device properly. Having an electric wheelchair safety checklist that the wheelchair user can use will help to ensure that they use the device safely. Understanding how the device works and being able to use it properly can help to ensure that no accidents occur. 
  • To ensure that you are able to safely use the electric wheelchair, make sure that it has proper battery safety documents. An example of one of these documents is the UL certification.
  • Ephesus E9 comes with an electromagnetic braking mechanism that will prevent you from tipping over or accelerating too much. Many other electric wheelchairs have no breaking mechanism at all or have one that is located near the wheels, which would be hard to use. The electromagnetic brake mechanism on Ephesus electric wheelchairs will automatically brake when you take your hands from the joystick, ensuring that the user is safe. 
  • Ephesus provides free seat belts for their electric wheelchairs, ensuring that the user is safely strapped in. Safety belts will keep you steady, even when experiencing rough road conditions.

How Should Safety Be For Wheelchair Users in Emergencies Such as Fire?

When it comes to wheelchair safety, it is important to know how to use your wheelchair not just in everyday circumstances, but also in emergencies. One of the most important things to remember and ensure is that all safety exits are known and clear of any debris that may inhibit you from getting to safety. At least two exits should be easily accessible to wheelchair users. Ensuring these two exist may require installing a ramp and widening doors in schools, homes and also in offices. 

In a home, when a wheelchair user is asleep, keeping the wheelchair near to the person is also extremely important. When thinking about fire safety for wheelchair users, it is important to remember that they will need to be able to move as quickly as possible. The placement of the chair near the person's bed will help to ensure this.  When it comes to wheelchair safety for patients, making sure that you are prepared as possible for an emergency will help ensure that everyone is safe. Doing a few drills to help explain what will happen and also find any issues that may need to be solved is always beneficial and can help make sure that everyone is aware of what to do and where to go in an emergency situation! 

Safety Tips For Wheelchair and Electric Wheelchair Users

The following are just a few Wheelchair and Electric wheelchair safety tips to be sure that you follow when using a wheelchair. 

  • Brakes: When getting on or off your wheelchair, it is important that the brakes be locked, so that the chair does not move away from you unexpectedly. If the brakes are not locked while getting on or off of the wheelchair, it could lead to you falling or being pushed by the wheelchair device. If you have an electric device, the power should always be completely turned off in case the direction stick is accidentally knocked. 
  • Footrests: Another important safety tip for getting on and off of a wheelchair is that the footrests need to be moved or adjusted. The adjustment of the footrests allows wheelchair users to easily be placed on or taken off of the chair, with nothing in the way that could catch on clothing or cause an accident. 
  • Be aware of what is on the wheelchair: Wheelchairs are not designed to carry heavy loads that can be separated. If you have a heavy bag or an extra load on the wheelchair, it could cause it to flip backwards or forwards when going up or down a hill or ramp. Wheelchairs are specifically designed to distribute the load of a person, but having a backpack on the back of the wheelchair could disrupt this distribution. 
  • Be wary of rainy weather: Rain can cause the ground to get very slippery and the lack of traction of the device may cause the wheelchair to slip and slide, which is dangerous for the wheelchair user. This is especially true when going down or up hills and ramps! Rainy weather can also impact the controls of an electric wheelchair. As with any electric device, if water gets into the controls it impacts the function of the wheelchair.  

Protect Yourself by Doing The Wheelchair Safety Requirements and Precautions Correctly!

When it comes to wheelchair safety, it is vital that a wheelchair user know the proper procedures involved with using the chair, both in ordinary and emergency situations. Wheelchair safety precautions are designed to ensure that the person using the wheelchair can use it effectively, increasing their mobility and the freedom that they have. We here at Ephesus believe that every person deserves to enjoy the freedom of movement and this can be done with the devices that we provide to our customers! Ensuring that users are prepared and aware of the different safety precautions allows them to use their wheelchairs in the safest and most efficient way possible. Understanding wheelchair safety requirements and precautions help them to do this! 

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