Disability Awareness: What Is It? What Should You Pay Attention To?

Disability Awareness: What Is It? What Should You Pay Attention To?

The Concept of Disability: What is Disability Awareness?

Having a disability does not mean that you cannot function within the world today and it is important that we look to include those with disabilities in every facet of society! The concept of disability refers to any person who is not able to function normally, be it those with physical impediments, like those who are wheelchair-bound, or those who have mental disabilities. There are different types of disabilities that fall within this concept and they should all be represented when it comes to disability awareness! The concept of disability awareness ensures that those who may be disabled are not subjugated and discriminated against because they may be a bit different and have to function differently from everyone else. Promoting awareness for those who are disabled helps to create a better, kinder and more equal society! 

Disability awareness also helps to promote integration, ensuring that those who are disabled have the ability to function within the world as anyone does. The Paralympics, for example, has looked to create a sporting world where those with disabilities also have the chance to reach the highest level of sporting success! Finding ways to include everyone has helped to ensure that disability awareness has risen, but it is still important for each and every one of us to help promote this concept! 

Why is Disability Awareness Important?

Those with disabilities deserve to function and live within society as anyone does, and disability awareness helps to ensure this! Disability awareness focuses on the inclusion of those with disabilities in the social, political, cultural and economic life of their communities! Just because a person is disabled does not mean that they should be relegated to the sidelines! There are many ways that those with disabilities can function normally, thanks to the technology that has been developed by businesses like ours! Raising awareness of disabilities and including everyone in every facet of society is incredibly important, as, without this, those with disabilities will be thought of with pity, fear and misrepresentation. 

How To Promote Disability Awareness?

One of the best ways to promote disability awareness is through your own actions. Treating everyone the same and seeing the person before you see the disability can help to ensure that they feel included. This is especially true when around children as they will learn how to treat those with disabilities from the adults around them. Allow the person who is disabled to set parameters of what he/she can and cannot do to ensure that you are not making incorrect assumptions about their abilities. Understanding that each person has individual needs and capabilities is a great way to promote disability awareness! 

How To Raise Awareness For Disabilities?

Raising awareness for those with disabilities is incredibly important and there are a variety of ways to do this! One of the best ways to help those who are disabled is by looking to your community and applying the resources you may have to help ensure they are more included. Whether it is building wheelchair ramps or making sure your home or workspace is wheelchair accessible, there are a variety of ways to ensure that you are promoting awareness of those with disabilities! 

Another great thing to do is find those within your community who are disabled, or who are family members of those with disabilities, and give them a platform that promotes equality in terms of disability! Finding local heroes and promoting who they are and what they do can help to reduce the stigma that is often associated with those who are disabled. Make sure they feel welcomed and included in your community, no matter what their disability is! 

What are Disability Awareness Practices?

There are certain practices that help to ensure you are creating a good environment for those who are disabled and are promoting disability awareness! The following are just a few of the practices to keep in mind! 

  • Ensure Your Environment is Disability-Friendly: Whether it is in an office or your home, ensuring that you provide a safe and welcoming environment to a person who may have disabilities is incredibly important! Wheelchair ramps can be a great way to do this as many of those with disabilities are wheelchair-bound. 

  • Do Not Assume: Many of those with disabilities have learnt how to function optimally despite their disabilities. When you are interacting with a disabled person, be careful not to make assumptions about how their disability can impact them. There is nothing worse than a person assuming that you cannot do something, so rather leave it to them to determine their capabilities. 

  • Apply Accommodations Where Necessary: While you should not make assumptions about a person's capabilities, once they have defined parameters of what they can and cannot do, be sure to accommodate these differences! If a disabled person is unable to participate in certain activities, be sure to respect this! 

Why Should We Teach Disabled Etiquette To Children?

Teaching children how to treat those with disabilities is incredibly important. Children may not understand why a person may look or function differently from them so ensure that you equip them with disability etiquette and an understanding of why a person may be different to them. When children do not understand something, they may begin to ask questions that could be unknowingly hurtful to the person who is disabled. Equipping them with knowledge about disability will help to ensure that they treat those who are disabled just as they would anyone else. Promoting disability awareness in schools can be a great way to help younger generations better understand why those with disabilities may not be able to function as they do. This ultimately creates a kinder and more understanding society going forward! 

Children are the future and the actions that they may see today will reflect on their actions later in life. Creating a good environment where children are able to respectfully ask questions and enquire about those who may have a disability is vital! Many of those who are disabled may feel as if society is looking to avoid talking about disabilities and what they mean. Creating a space to communicate and explain why some people may have to function differently from others can help to avoid making disabilities a taboo and avoidable subject for children! Disability etiquette involves creating a space where children feel comfortable and can express how they feel! 

What Are The Special Days That Draw Attention To Disability Awareness?

Part of disability awareness has been creating special days whereby members of communities who are disabled are recognised. Giving them a special day to enjoy themselves and interact with a wider community can be a great way to ensure that disability awareness is celebrated! The following are just a few dates to remember when it comes to the disability awareness calendar. 

Disability Awareness Day

Every year, on the 3rd of December, we celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities or National Disability Rights Awareness Day. On this day, those around the world with disabilities are celebrated, with their courage and determination put on display! Most years, a particular person who is disabled is highlighted for their achievements despite their disabilities. Disability awareness day is an opportunity for communities to promote those who are disabled and ensure that they feel special and celebrated, with their courage put on display! 

Disability Awareness Month

March is disability awareness month in The United States and has been recognized as such since 1987! Creating a more equal society is about recognizing how those with disabilities are courageous members of the community that deserve to be treated equally! Ensuring that those with disabilities are recognised helps to create more awareness around the subject and ensures that there is an open conversation about how those who are disabled deserve to have as many opportunities within society! Disability awareness month activities should center around promoting equal opportunities for all so be sure to think about this when March comes around. 

Are There Special Signs and Colors For The Disabled?

Yes, there are disability awareness colors and signs. As disability awareness has become more important and technology has developed to help those who are disabled function more freely in society, purple has been commonly associated with them! Purple is representative of new beginnings, helping to express how disability has a new and positive narrative that has not been present in generations before. This symbol for disability awareness shows how those who are disabled have had the opportunity for a new beginning, as they can often function normally within society! 

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