Live Your Life Active: Adapted Wheelchair Sports!

Live Your Life Active: Adapted Wheelchair Sports!

What are Adaptive Sports?

Being in a wheelchair is no longer seen as something that can debilitate you in terms of enjoying recreational and sports activities. Many people in wheelchairs have gone on to live lives whereby they are active and enjoy a lifestyle that includes playing different sports and doing a variety of different activities. So what are adaptive sports and what are the different kinds of sports that can be played? Adaptive sports are sporting activities that are played by those who are bound to a wheelchair. Paralympic wheelchair sport has risen in popularity, with many different teams from all over the world representing their country! From basketball to tennis, many athletes in wheelchairs have gone on to enjoy amazing sporting careers! While you may not be quite so ready to start training for the Olympics, there are still a number of different sports that you can partake in and enjoy! Wheelchair sports is a new way for all kinds of people to enjoy a full and active lifestyle. 

List Of Wheelchair Sports: What Sports Can You Play in a Wheelchair?

If you are wondering “What sports can you play in a wheelchair?”, we are here to ensure that there are a wide variety of different activities that people can enjoy in their wheelchairs! The following is a list of wheelchair sports that wheelchair users can look into playing, though the ones you choose will depend on your own individual preferences. 

  • Wheelchair Basketball: Wheelchair basketball has become incredibly popular since it was first founded in 1956! Wheelchair basketball involves using specialized chairs to maneuver through the court and the basketball nets remain at the same height as normal basketball. This can be a great way to enjoy playing a sport as basketball is mostly focused on the precision of passes and can help you build up your upper body strength. 

  • Wheelchair Racing: Another enjoyable wheelchair sport to look into joining is that of wheelchair racing. Similar to track races, this sport focuses on how quickly a wheelchair user can get from one point to another on a track. Like normal track sports, you have both short and long-distance forms of racing! As one of the most popular wheelchair sports, enjoying this activity can be a great way to have fun and get fit. 

  • Wheelchair Soccer: Wheelchair soccer can be a great game to enjoy and is played in a very similar way to normal soccer, besides the fact that it is played on a  basketball court. Wheelchair soccer is an exciting game to enjoy and whether you want to go on to play more professionally or are just looking for a fun way to get some exercise, it is a great option for wheelchair users! 

Is There a Difference in Electric Wheelchair Sports?

Yes, there is a difference between these two kinds of sports and to be entirely fair, you will either have normal wheelchair sports or electric wheelchair sports. The reason for not having both of these kinds of wheelchairs being used in the same game is to ensure fairness for all players. An electric wheelchair can help a person move around at a quicker pace without having to concentrate on moving the chair manually. This does not mean that electric wheelchairs are not used in sports, and many activities have been developed for those who prefer to use electric wheelchairs when playing a sport! Sports like powerchair soccer have risen in popularity, with many wheelchair users enjoying this kind of activity. 

Can You Do Dance Sports With a Wheelchair?

Yes, wheelchair dance sports have become big in the world of wheelchair sports and many dancers in wheelchairs have gone on to enjoy this captivity despite their disabilities. Wheelchair dancing is all about agility and movement, just as with any other type of dancing. Wheelchair dancing is both an individual and team sport, with many dancers going into both of these different categories and enjoying competing against one another at competitions. 

What Are The Exciting Extreme Wheelchair Sports?

If you are a wheelchair user with a need for speed and adrenaline, there are a wide variety of exciting extreme wheelchair sports to enjoy! From hurling yourself out of a plane to sailing along some of the most beautiful coasts in the world, here are some of the most exciting extreme wheelchair sports! 

  • Skydiving: Just because you are in a wheelchair does not mean that you cannot participate in extreme sports like skydiving! There are ways that you can enjoy the thrill of jumping out of a plane and taking to the sky along with a wheelchair, to ensure that you will be able to safely land yourself. This would be a fun recreational sport that a person bound to a wheelchair can enjoy or even just a one-time thrill for those who are looking to tick this activity off their bucket list! 

  • Skiing and Other Winter Sports: There are many different winter sports that can be enjoyed by those who are in wheelchairs. From enjoying skiing down snowy slopes to other fun activities! You will need special equipment to be able to safely participate though there are many organizations that look to help winter athletes in various ways. 

What Are The Features of Wheelchairs Produced For Sports? 

When it comes to any wheelchair sport, you want to be sure that you are agile and as quick as possible, which is why there are different types of devices. A wheelchair for sports will differ compared to standard wheelchairs as they need to be uniquely designed. One of the biggest differences is the size of the wheels, with most sports wheelchairs being designed with larger back wheels and smaller front ones. This is to help when it comes to aerodynamics and the speed at which these wheelchairs can move! 

Another difference is in the wheels themselves as they are angled. You may be wondering “Why are sports wheelchair wheels angled?”. The wheels for wheelchair sports are angled to ensure that the person maneuvering the wheelchair can do so quickly, without having to make wide turns that could cause them to lose out on precious time. Angled wheels on wheelchairs can help a sportsman or women gain more mobility and help them to move more quickly. 

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