Advantages of Having an Electric Wheelchair

Advantages of Using an Electric Wheelchair

Wheelchairs have been used for a long time but the use of a wheelchair has been increased to many folds and now these are being utilized by adults, or elderly disabled people because of the advanced electric power wheelchairs. Electric wheelchairs have a lot of amazing benefits to offer its users. The best benefit of power wheelchairs is their convenience and comfort. Although these are motorized wheelchairs, they offer complete control to their rider. These wheelchairs are controlled by hands and they have a lot of features that can be utilized with just pressing the specific buttons.

Although there are many advantages that are offered by electric wheelchairs here we will discuss some of the best benefits that can completely change the lifestyle of a handicapped person. The major advantages of having an electric wheelchair are described below.

Electric wheelchairs work with the help of a powerful motor that can move the chair back and forth quite easily and no effort required by you. You don’t have to use your strength to move its wheels or to rotate the pedals, you can travel a long distance just by moving its joystick. The chair offers a lot of comforts that a person can travel up to 25 miles or more but there will be no signs of tiredness.

An electric wheelchair allows the handicapped persons to go out and perform all their daily activities without any assistance or hassle. An electric wheelchair provides freedom so that people can socialize and can travel a long distance without getting tired. Electric wheelchairs are well balanced and highly stabilized so that there are probably fewer chances of falling from it or getting hurt.

Electric wheelchairs are full of amazing features and one of these is the height adjustment. The user can adjust its backrest and can increase or decrease the back of the chair according to his needs. It can help the handicapped person to pick up the required stuff or to open a door while sitting in the wheelchair.

While using a regular wheelchair, it becomes difficult for the rider to travel on a rough or hilly path because just a short distance will wipe out the user’s energy. At such types of roads or paths, an electric wheelchair is the best option. It is designed by considering all types of paths and circumstances. You can even travel in a hilly area without fear of rolling back.

Why I Reward Ephesus as the Best Electric Wheelchair in the Market? :

There are many electric or power chair brands but some are superior to the others. The most recommended wheelchairs and their plus points are mentioned below.

The first that comes in the list is Ephesus M6. It has a foldable and portable electric wheelchair with a premium quality.

It has a Lithium-Ion Battery and removable set cushions. Also, Ephesus M6 comes with a brushless motor meaning better adapted, generates no friction, produces less heating and provides better performance compared to other regular wheelchair models.

Next one on our list is Ephesus L5 . L5 is ultra-lightweight only (45 lbs) and a foldable electric wheelchair. ($1,499)

Ephesus L5 Folding Electric wheelchair


Ephesus Q5 is another upgrade which has quality motors and is at a very affordable price starts from $999.

Ephesus M5, offers a joystick control and it is foldable and portable as well. It is totally controlled by a remote controller as well as a joystick.

In addition to these features, M5 comes with two different models. M5 and M5-Wide. M5 Wide Has 20 inches seat area while M5 has 18 inches seat area (armrest-to-armrest).

My Choice Is Ephesus M6:

M6’s brushless motor, comfortable seats, and suspension provides a premium class comfort throughout your ride. Also, a brushless motor provides a longer battery life to the wheelchair. This model is definitely someone who needs an electric wheelchair to use for a long term. The tires are also durable to go on rocks or any hard surfaces. Moreover, the armrest and footrest can be eliminated by pulling up.

It also has auto and manual mode. Finally, the stylish look pushed me to choose this model as my favorite in the market and specifically among all Ephesus models.

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